Article about online long distance dating during the COVID-19 crisis (Insider)

A profile on the Auschwitz Memorial's Twitter account (Insider)

Article about a trans-inclusive strip night (Vice)

An opinion piece about Venezuela (ThinkProgress)

An article about solar power (Playboy)

An article about drug legalization (Playboy)

An article about the environmental effects of private jets. (Playboy)

An article I wrote about my misadventure at a Buddhist amusement park in Vietnam. (Playboy

A profile on the rise of Trap music in Japan. (Huck Magazine

An article I wrote about Chrismukkah, Jewish identity, and The O.C. (Broadly/Vice

An article I wrote about how Brockhampton and PRETTYMUCH are using self-surveillance to market themselves.  (Interview Magazine)

An article about the influencer only mural. (Inverse)

An article about the Minions' global popularity. (BuzzFeed)

An essay about Jersey Shore''s season in Florence. (The Outline)

Becoming Disco

An essay about Israeli dance, Jewish summer camp, and my alter ego. (Protocols)

A profile of The Weekly Muniz (, a Frankie Muniz podcast. (The Awl)

An article about Jonathan Cheban, Yiddish folktales, and Calabasas. (The Awl)

Cultural criticism piece about objective evidence on social media and the spectacle of "receipts". (Real Life Mag)

Cultural criticism piece about Melania Trump memes. (Real Life Mag)

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