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I am a writer and editor based in Los Angeles who has written for outlets such as NBC News, Business Insider, SSENSE, VICE, Gawker, Interview Magazine, Them, Los Angeles Review of Books, PAPER Magazine, and more.   In my six years of writing professionally, I have covered a myriad of topics such as pop culture, online communities, literature, and art. Particularly, I enjoy interviewing creatives and industry leaders about their passions and projects and getting to the heart of a digital phenomenon. Whether it's interviewing an iconic underground author or a former Disney star, I'm interested in how the story can speak to a larger discourse and get my audience to challenge their own preconceptions.

As a copywriter, I have worked in the telemedicine, food, and beverage industries. Drawing from my experience as a writer, I've helped brands share compelling narratives and develop and cultivate an audience and voice through social media and content marketing. In my role as an editor, I have managed a team of creatives and implemented marketing strategies for clients.

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